Davichi wins Mnet’s M! Countdown with “Cry Again”

Davichi’s “Cry Again” took first place on the February 5th episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown, beating out INFINITE H’s comeback track, “Pretty.”

The battle was a close one as Davichi took the win at 7238 points over INFINITE H’s 7198 points. The girls were in disbelief as the MCs reported the results. Kang Minkyung appeared to be speechless at first while Lee Haeri gave a grateful speech.

In celebration, Kang Minkyung did a sexy body roll during their encore stage while Lee Haeri covered her eyes in response and embarrassment.

Later on, the two posted a personal message onto their official Twitter account. Taking elegant selcas with their newly won trophy, Davichi thanked fans graciously for their music show win.

The girls recently won first on Music Core as well.

Revisit the moment here: