David Choi takes a photo with Shin Seung Hun

On November 7th, Korean-American singer and YouTube sensation David Choi posted a picture of himself with legendary singer Shin Seung Hun

David Choi’s Facebook post serves as another reminder that even celebrities can get starstruck sometimes. The musician met up with Shin Seung Hun when he visited Korea six weeks ago, where the two exchanged friendly conversation about each other’s music.

David Choi wrote that he was a fan of the veteran singer’s hit song “I Believe,” and even went on to mention that it has sold over 15 million records in Korea. What really surprised David Choi, however, was that Shin Seung Hun knew of the YouTube star’s music, even revealing that Choi’s “By My Side” was the most played song on his phone!

Despite the YouTube star’s shock, it’s actually not too surprising that Shin Seung Hun has heard of his music. Hits such as “Something to Believe,” “Enjoy the View,” and “Won’t Even Stop” have been quite popular in Korea, and have even been featured in popular dramas, including Secret Garden and My Princess.

The 28 year old singer also mentioned that Shin Seung Hun told him to shave his beard, attracting a lot of attention and responses from his fans.

Are you a fan of David Choi? Do you agree with Shin Seung Hun that David should shave his beard?