“Death threat” user claims it was a joke, calls BTS fans “stupid”

On Thursday, July 16th, fan interaction events at BTS‘ New York City concert for their nationwide “The Red Bullet” concert tour were cancelled after death threats were issued towards BTS members on Twitter.

Although the user who originally posted the death threats has now deactivated her account, screenshots of her tweets have been circulating the internet.

The original “death threat” tweet that started the whole controversy:

gun post

Another Twitter user issuing a death threat towards Rap Monster:


@glamgirl does not appear to be a fan of BTS:

ugly untalented rats

@glamgirl claims BTS fans are humorless by taking her death threat seriously:

gullible laughing

The venue of BTS’ New York City concert attempts to contact @glamgirl:

venue mgmt

@glamgirl tells BTS fans to “save me your crying”, and doesn’t seem to care if people know where she lives:

law professional

Apparently the picture of the gun was not hers was found on Google:

profile cap 1

@glamgirl brings up her original death threat again:

profile cap 2

@glamgirl claims the venue management are “trolls”, claims her Twitter account was hacked and the issue resolved:

profile cap 3

@glamgirl appears to be experiencing a bit of regret saying “I can’t believe I did this”:

profile cap 5

In this tweet @glamgirl seems to be maintaining her story of being hacked, claims she is a fan of BTS:

crying face

profile cap 4