“Deokspatch” invades the “NO.MERCY” trainee dorms

The eighth installment of Deokspatch brought viewers into the no-girl zone of the NO.MERCY trainees’ dorms.

Released on February 3rd, the video features shots by the trainees themselves as they show fans the secret life within the dorms.

Although many of the trainees were sleeping, that did not stop the boys from enjoying their selfie sticks. #gun introduced his little crocodile pet and the source of its name. In addition, he shared that a doodle on the wall got him in much trouble. Next, Jooheon shared his love for Deokspatch and snapbacks, even modeling a cute and fuzzy hat gifted by a fan. A shot of the closet showed that the boys surely had a lot of clothes, even to the point that they might not know what belonged to whom.

After showing more rooms and lifestyles, the trainees gathered around for a housewarming activity with silly quiz questions. New addition to the show I.M was introduced again before the fun games began. Hyungwon then terrifies his fellow trainees with his ramen cooking and his use of red pepper powder.

Take a look at the Deokspatch episode here: