Dispatch releases full choreography video of Girl’s Day’s “Hello Bubble”

With the popularity of Girl’s Day‘s new project single “Hello Bubble,” media outlet Dispatch released a behind-the-scenes choreography video for the track.

Surrounded by clear plastic bubbles, the four members of Girl’s Day danced to their newest hit after sharing a teaser and music video earlier. With their luscious hair flowing (thanks to hair product brand mise en scene, for whom the group released the track), the girls showed off both their beauty and dancing abilities.

Truly a perfect track to start off the summer, “Hello Bubble” surprised many with its popularity. The track, which is a collaboration created by Duble Sidekick, laments about how long it takes for girls to get ready to look their best as they prepare for their dates.

The choreography fits perfectly with the track, and the girls’ synchronization really proves that the Dream Tea Entertainment group has great chemistry and cooperation. Make sure to check out the video below: