Dispatch reveals the WORST outfits that are guaranteed to RUIN your first date

The Korean media experts at Dispatch reveal the top four worst female outfits to wear on a first date.

Selecting an outfit to wear on your first date can be a difficult decision. Not only do you have to select attire to impress your date, you also have to actively consider the types of clothing not to wear!

Luckily Dispatch has revealed the top four worst outfits to wear on a first date that are guaranteed to result in disaster.

Here is the direct translation of Dispatch’s article:


“Due to the hot weather during summer, many tend to wear comfortable outfits. But people must be careful what to wear during their dates.

A women’s website conducted a survey with 499 women in order to find out which types of outfits directly resulted in failed dates.

Let’s check out the four outfits that are considered the ‘worst-mannered’ outfits of summer”


1. Revealing cleavage or boobs

kim sarang

“There are many women who prefer lighter and revealing fashion due to the hot weather during summer. But a top that reveals their breasts too much might be dangerous.

Revealing tops came in at fourth place with 7%.

Although many men like women’s breasts, they consider women who wear such revealing clothes as cheap or easy.”


2.  White outfits that bras and panties can be seen through


“2015 summer’s most trending outfits were probably white clothing. White t-shirts, one piece dresses and pants were trending in South Korea. 

However, women who failed dates with these white outfits also stood at fourth place with 7%.

It is reported that many men are actually embarrassed to walk side by side with a women whose bra and panties might be seen through their outfits”


3.  Fashion that is irrelevant to the situation


“Women must pay attention to fashion and the situation of the dates.

Women who wore flip-flops to the date ranked third in failing their dates. The second place was women who wore one piece dresses and heels to camping or picnic dates at 30%.

Men can get confused if women wear such fashion to certain dates.”


4.  Gray shirts that reveal sweating


“Gray is a color that completes women’s fashion.

But women who show sweat marks around their armpit area while wearing a gray shirt ranked first at failing their dates with 37%.

Women should manage their dress carefully not to shock their dates as soon as they raise their arms.”

Source: Dispatch