Dispatch shows how colored contact lenses can change an idol’s entire image

Dispatch shows before and after photos of three top female idols wearing colored contact lenses.

Color lenses have been a trend in Korea since the early 2000’s. Although poorly made color lenses may damage the eyes, many safe products have been released in Korea that even female idols are putting on. Dispatch has compiled photos of three top female idols before and after wearing their colored lenses. Do you agree that colored lenses give fierceness and sexiness to the wearer’s eyes?

In order to prove the sexy effect of colored lenses, Korean media Dispatch has compiled photos of artists Suzy, Goo Hara and Hyuna.

Here is the direct translation of Dispatch‘s article

This has become one of the necessary items for girl groups. If you wear this, you will complete your sexiness you haven’t had before. This ladies and gentleman is the notorious ‘color lens.’

The effects of the actual color lenses are astonishing. Even a girl with a cute puppy face could become a sexy girl by wearing these lenses.

make up

Well! These are top 3 female idols right? We will take a look at Suzy, Goo Hara and Hyuna’s usage of these color lenses. We will start with Miss A member Suzy.

These are photos of Suzy’s actual eyes. She is a typical brown eyed girl. Due to her color, she can maintain her innocent image.

make up2

make up3

make up 4

“I’m here~~”

make up 5

What happens if Suzy wears color lenses? She turns into a sexy cat~

make up 6

“Sexy cat-woman”

make up 7

“She is very fierce”

make up 8

“Swag mood”


Next up is 4 Minute member Hyuna. She is actually notorious to be one of the color lens maniacs amongst idols. It is hard to imagine her without her color lenses.

make up 9

make up 10

“Something is a little off?”

make up 11

“Shy without lenses”

make up 12

Curious of queen’s colors?

You need the lenses!

Coming soon

Sexy eyes~

make up 13

“Sexiest amongst girl groups”

make up 14

“The queen’s color”

make up 15

“Even her pupils are sexy”


“Last but not least, it is Goo Hara. Before wearing the colors lenses, she is ‘Goo-Barbie~.’ She shows off her bright image.

make up 16

make up 17

“Lovely eyes”

make up 18


“Goo-Barbie for now”

make up 19

What if the barbie meets the color lenses?

Cat’s eyes

make up 20

“Sexy Hara~Goo”

make up 21

“Sexy eyes woman”

make up 22

“Matching her hair color”

Source: Dispatch