DJ DOC to comeback for the first time in 5 years in May 2015

DJ DOC, the legendary group, is to set to make a comeback for the first time in 5 years since their 7th album in 2010. Despite their comeback news surfacing to be sometime this year, it seems like the date has been postponed.

According to their agency, “Although many have been looking forward to DJ DOC’s comeback album by end of this year, due to various situation the release won’t be happening soon. We are not certain of the exact date, but DJ DOC’s plan is to comeback with full-length 8th album next May.”

With the delay of the comeback album, DJ DOC’s members will be juggling their individual schedules along with comeback preparations.

In related news, DJ DOC was in the center of EXO-L‘s spotlight last month, with Baekhyun. DJ DOC also appeared as a guest on “EXO 902014” where he discussed with EXO their ideal types.

Source: OBS News