Do Min Joon from “My Love From Another Star” may no longer be an alien?

In light of recent events, it seems like My Love From Another Star character Do Min Joon may no longer be an alien. 

Currently, it is the case with the Chinese version of the drama set to air in China. According to various local reports, Do Min Joon will no longer be an alien in the Chinese version.

Anhui TV reportedly changed the identity of Do Min Joon’s character to a novelist instead of an alien with supernatural powers, further changing the possible ending of the drama with Do Min Joon writing the novel instead.

The reported changes to the storyline have caused quite an interest from fans of the show, however, some speculated that the change may be related to the official banning regulations on contents released to alien or supernatural powers on television.

In a post by the Kpop Herald, HB Entertainment, the production team in Korea, released a response to the reports saying, “The editing is out of our hands as we have partly given them copyright permissions. But, there won‘t be much to shift around or change as the drama given to them is identical to what was aired in Korea.”

My Love From Another Star aired in South Korea in 2013 and was starred by Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. 

Source: KpopHerald