[★QUIZ] Do You Have An ASIAN or WESTERN Mindset?

In a comprehensive study done in 2015, it was discovered that a compelling number of Asian respondents gave the same answers, while the majority of Western respondents gave the complete opposite answers… How do your answers match up?

Take this quiz to find out if your mindset is more Asian or Western!
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*Explanations for each question are provided at the bottom*

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****Quiz spoilers beyond this point!****


Question 1
-The Asian tend to take the overall harmony into account. That’s why they are likely to choose the A group which features flowers of similar petals
-The Western, on the other hand, tend to break down the flower by its petals, leaf, and stem, arriving at the conclusion that all flowers of the B group have the same stems as it.

Question 2
-The Western think of the shape. That’s what makes them choose A over B despite its difference in color and material.
-On the contrary, the Asian tend to put emphasis on an object’s essence more than its shape. So they are likely to choose B the material and pattern of which is more closely related: wood.

Question 3
-Western painting features realistic perspective, which means a painting is drawn in the viewpoint of a painter. Therefore, the farthest object from a viewer is naturally thought to be at the head.
-In contrast, Asian painting is out of perspective. A lot of paintings show all people with the same height. It’s not scenery but objectives themselves that Asian painters try to illustrate. Those are why Westerners tend to choose A the farthest, while Asians to choose B the closest.  

Question 4
-Asians tend to consider relationship among people and observe the people around the man in the center accordingly. Since everyone but him looks mad on the second picture, Asians are likely to conclude that the man is not happy either.
-On the other hand, Westerners solely focus on the man in the center. Every one but the man is unhappy, but he is still happy anyway.

Question 5
-Westerners tend to focus on the fact that both the panda and monkey are animals. So their being animals easily allow them to fall into the same category.
-Interestingly, Asians tend to assess mutual interaction and inter-relationship among the three objectives. So they think monkeys like bananas; therefore they are closely related.
For instance, on front of a table with a hammer, saw, and walnut on, Asians will put the hammer and walnut into the same category because they think of the hammer a tool for eating the walnut. On the contrary, Westerners will be more likely to put the hammer and saw into the same category: tools