Dok2 revealed as final member of YG Entertainment’s 2nd hip-hop project

Dok2 has been revealed as the third and final member of YG Entertainment‘s second hip-hop project.

In an announcement made on November 28th via the YG-Life and through the agency’s various SNS accounts, Dok2 was revealed to be joining Masta Wu and iKON’s Bobby as the third member of the special hip-hop project.

In 2011, Dok2 partnered with hip-hop group The Quiett to form their own independent hip-hop label Illionare Records. Though Dok2 is a huge name in the Korean hip-hop scene, he is an especially interesting choice as the third member of the project as he is the only member not signed under YG Entertainment. Although not an official artist under the label, he has however collaborated with many YG artists in the past, most recently with Epik High on their latest album Shoebox.

The YG Hip-Hop Project 2 is expected to make their debut release on December 2nd at 12:00 am.