Donghae wishes Kangin happy birthday with a dance

In celebration of Kangin‘s 31st birthday, fellow group member Donghae shares with everyone a cute and fun video through his Instagram.

Although the members of Super Junior are all busy with their individual activities, fellow member Donghae took time to share a fun video on instagram as he danced and wished Kangin happy birthday. Through the short video, Donghae is seen cheerfully dancing with music in the background as he flips through a few pages with messages written on them.

Accompanying the video was a caption that read, “Happy birthday Kangin hyung ^^ I love you !! Let’s love more for a long long time!”

Kangin also shared a picture through his Instagram of his meal as he celebrates his birthday. Various side dishes were set along side as he wrote, “Youngwoon-ah happy birthday. Eat a lot…no, only eat a little. I’ll get fat hehe.” 

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