Dongho pleads to stop malicious comments about his marriage

In light of news about his marriage, former U-KISS member Dongho sends a message of plea asking fans and netizens to stop harassing him with negative and malicious comments. 

On November 4th, Dongho talked about the negative comments on his personal Twitter account and issued a long plea to his fans. He started the statement with a clarification disclosing that he originally had no plans on making his plans of getting married public nor did he want it to be in the news. He also revealed that, “The reporters heard about the speculations and contacted me about it and said that wanted to publish articles about it.” 

He clarified that ever since the announcement he revealed that he has been victimised by reporters constantly hiding and shoving a camera at his face unknowingly and explained that it does not bother him. However, he revealed that it bothers him more if articles were being published containing false information about himself.

He ended the statement saying, “Please write good articles. Of course, I understand that you are curious about me and wife.. but I did not want to make it public if people react negatively against it. It’s unpleasant.^^”

Meanwhile, Dongho and his wife is set to get married this November.