Dream T Entertainment’s new boy group catches attention for familiar lineup

Dream T Entertainment, home of Girl’s Day, has recently debuted a new boy group.

However, what has caught attention is not this relationship of being Girl’s Day’s juniors. Rather, fans have noted that four of the five members come from the group A-Prince which was previously active.

The new group, titled MAP6, draws its inspiration from wanting to traverse the five oceans and six habitable continents with their talents and music. Its members consist of Minhyuk, J.Jun, Sun, J.Vin, and Sign. The first four faces are apparently familiar to fans for their previous roles in A-Prince starting in 2012. That agency noted that with intensive training, the boys have made an impressive transformation from the innocent fresh looks of A-Prince into their bold new concepts.

MAP6’s debut track “Storm” has already been uploaded as an unlisted video. Furthermore,

Source: Herald Pop