The drunk man at Sung Si Kyung’s concert turns out to be his celebrity friend

The drunk man causing disturbance at Sung Si Kyung‘s concert turned out to be his celebrity friend and comedian, Shin Dong Yup.

On May 25th (KST), one of the audience present at the concert shared a short video clip with a caption, “Shin Dong Yup’s really funny. The bodyguards actually thought he was a drunk ajeossi and resisted him.”

The video begins with Sung Si Kyung coming down to the audience seating area while singing “The Road To Me.” Due to the appearance of a drunk man, bodyguards start guarding Sung Si Kyung misunderstanding the drunk guy as a drunk fan causing a scene. At first, both Sung Si Kyung and fans were perplexed by the sudden scene. Soon, they noticed it was Shin Dong Yup and started laughing.

Meanwhile, Sung Si Kyung’s concert took place on May 25th at Yonsei University in Seoul.

Source: Sports Chosun