DSP Friends releases Rainbow and Oh Jong Hyuk image cuts for “White Letter”

Following the release of KARA and A-JAX’s image cuts for their upcoming family album White Letter, DSP Media has shared group photos for girl group Rainbow and Oh Jong Hyuk.

Surrounded in red paper planes with each members holding one as if they were about to launch them, Rainbow group together to show their close relationship wearing matching white tops and skinny jeans. Though fans have not seen the group as one stage for awhile, Rainbow gives viewers a beautiful smile as if greeting them.

Oh Jong Hyuk, a soloist under the label, handsomely stands by his lonesome, similarly holding the red paper planes in his hand. With arms crossed, his charms can be felt as he smirks towards the camera.

Coming together as DSP Friends with a special winter album, a total of 19 artists will be singing winter-themed tracks for fans to listen to during the holidays. White Letter will be released on December 15th.