DSP Friends shares KARA and A-JAX image photos for “White Letter”

With six days remaining, DSP Media continues to share teaser images for their upcoming family album White Letter under the name DSP Friends, which will feature KARA, Rainbow, A-JAX, and Oh Jong Hyuk.

On December 9th, the agency shared group photos for their artists KARA and A-JAX.

KARA group together to pose in matching white top and jeans, standing in the middle of an ocean of red paper airplane. With giant smiles on their faces, each members hold up a paper airplane as if they are about to launch them.

In a similar fashion, the seven-member group A-JAX lean on one another with adoring smiles and tamed hairstyles.

White Letter, whose tracklist was recently revealed, will be released in six days on December 15th. Pre-orders are currently available on Yes24, Aladin, Interpark, and Hottracks.