Eddy Kim releases behind the scenes look into “My Love”

On January 23rd, Eddy Kim released behind the scenes clips from his music video “My Love,” sharing unseen footage for fans.

In the special video clip of Eddy Kim’s “My Love,” the video highlights the bonds formed between a singer and his fellow cast members as they make an effort to achieve an enjoyable music video. In the beginning of the video, Eddy Kim can be seen working hard, playing the piano in several different locations while he mouths the words to his song.

As the video goes on, he and his crew play around, despite the melancholy feel to the song. As the video comes to an end, it cuts to the bus scene, where the star plays the guitar and sings to a woman on the phone.

Released on January 20th, “My Love” is part of Eddy Kim’s second mini-album Sing Sing Singwhich features six tracks that he composed and wrote himself.

Take a look at the footage below, and tell us what you think of the song: