Eddy Kim reveals photo teasers for second mini-album

On January 12th, soloist Eddy Kim revealed a set of photo teasers to announce his upcoming second mini-album as well as comeback showcase details.

In the photo sets, he takes a more serious concept than with his “Darling” song. Now, he gives off an intense and mature vibe with a wintery urban concept.

In the first photo he is seated on a two-toned love seat. His eyes cast away, he sports a patterned sweater under a knitted cardigan. His dark pants and boots complete his look. Dressed all in dark colors, Eddy Kim gives off a cold and distant feeling in the photo.

The following images show the star in a similar outfit composed of a thick coat, beanie, and fingerless hand-warmer gloves. His pensive look adds a hint of mystery to the shoot.

To celebrate his second mini-album, the singer will be holding a comeback showcase where fans can enjoy his tracks. The comeback showcase will be held on January 21st at the K-Art Hall in Olympic Park at 7PM.

Meanwhile, the star recently contributed his vocals to the track “Empty Love” for the drama Valid Love.

Check out the photos below:

Showcase details: