[★TRENDING] Eddy Kim snaps a hilarious photo with “9Muzies”

Eddy Kim has fans keeling over in laughter after posting a photoshopped photo with 9Muzies, a play on the group 9MUSES and artist Muzie.

Shared on February 4th, the photo is captioned, “9Muzies…”. Eddy Kim is pictured with a calm expression and closed eyes with nine very dramatic shots of Muzie photoshopped behind him, creating a comically intense atmosphere. The parody of 9MUSES’ typically dramatic group photos paired with the artist’s calm expression exemplifies the hilarity of the photo.

UV’s Muzie is currently signed to the Mystic89 family. Meanwhile, Eddy Kim is currently in the midst of promotions for his latest track, “My Love” and performed live versions of his new music on MelOn Premiere Showcase.

Check out their photo here: