Eight cast members confirmed for upcoming “Real Men” female special

The eight-member lineup for MBC‘s Real Men second female special has been officially released and confirmed on January 12th. 

MBC confirmed that actresses Kim Ji Young, Park Ha Sun, Kang Ye Won, Lee Da Hee, gag woman Ahn Young Mi, Apink‘s Yoon Bomi, f(x)‘s Amber, and former announcer Lee Ji Ae have been casted as the new female members of Real Men.

MBC revealed that there was an extremely large amount of applicants for the eight spots on the show. “There was about a 10-to-1 competition for a spot on the show, with about a 40-to-1 competition for a spot for idols.”

Kim Ji Young won the excellence award last year at the MBC Drama Awards for her performance in Everybody Kimchi, and as the only mom, she is expected to care for everyone and lead the team.

Lee Ji Ae is the least expected member of the cast as a former KBS announcer, who is now working as a freelancer. She told the production crew of Real Men that she has the “combination of a strong-willed spirit and good stamina.”

The free spirited gagwoman Ahn Young Mi is expected to give a fresh laugh to the viewers, especially with all her success in the past in creating catchy phrases.

Kang Ye Won has a beautiful figure and is known for her 4D personality, while Lee Da Hee is a supermodel turned actress with the perfect proportions, and Park Ha Sun is known for her pure image. The three actresses are expected to work together to shake up the hearts of male viewers.

Youngest member Apink’s Bomi has a third degree black belt in Taekwondo and has already been labeled Girl’s Day’s Hyeri‘s rival for her cute aegyo.

Henry’s strong recommendation played a big part in the casting of Chinese-American f(x) member Amber. She is expected to play a big role with her not 4D, but 16D personality.

With such a diverse cast, there is a high level of excitement to see how the team will work together. Real Men‘s “Female Special 2” has begun filming and will air its first episode on the 25th.

Source: MBN