Eluphant to release single “Lighthouse” with Kim Tae Woo this week

Hip hop duo Eluphant has just announced the upcoming release of their new single “Lighthouse” featuring g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo, set for February 13th.

This will be Eluphant’s second music release this year, after their collaboration single “Crater” with Kim Feel of Superstar K6 in January. Before this, the group had not made a comeback since their 2012 mini-album, APOLLO.

“Lighthouse” will also be the second single in the duo’s upcoming full album this year, titled Man On The Moon, which follows their 2011 hit album Man On The Earth. The previous album included popular songs such as “Hello My Dear,” “She Is Not Following You,” and “You’re Still Beautiful.”

Label BrandNew Music states, “Before revealing Eluphant’s highly-anticipated third album Man On The Moon, we wanted to give fans a feel of the album’s color and concept by pre-releasing two of its tracks. Especially with Kim Tae Woo featuring in the new single ‘Lighthouse,’ we hope for a lot of support and interest from music fans.

Members Kebee and Minos are rap veterans in South Korea’s underground hip hop scene, known for their soulful hip hop works since the 1990s. After forming Eluphant in 2006 with their debut album Eluphant Bakery, they have produced similar work as a group, often combining rap, ballad, and acoustic genres.

Now it seems that Eluphant will be joining the growing mainstream hip hop scene, this time recruiting the vocals of Kim Tae Woo. Many fans are anticipating this “perfect collaboration,” as both artists are known for their soulful music styles.

Look out for “Lighthouse” by Eluphant and Kim Tae Woo on February 13th!

Source: Osen