Entire cast of “Unpretty Rapstar” to reunite for special finale concert

All nine female rappers from Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar are set to hold a special concert for their fans next month! 

According to Mnet, all nine rappers from survival rap program Unpretty Rapstar are set to hold a concert together at COEX C Hall in Seoul, South Korea on April 25th.

As there had been a number of joint concerts in the past, this will be the first event for all female rappers to come together following the show. Previous members eliminated such as Tymee, Jace and Lil Cham are confirmed to perform.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s director general Han Dong Chul mentioned that, “On April 25th, 9 rappers will perform for the concert. If such activities continue to trend, I believe there would be more appearance of female rappers. Yoon Mi Rae would come out some day.”

Ticketing for the concert started on March 17th.

Source: Ilgan Sports