Epik High releases “Spoiler” for “Happen Ending” MV

Epik High has released their second music video for their upcoming album Shoebox, combining the track “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending” as one, the story line featuring YG Entertainment trainee, Kim Jisoo.

The double track music video follows the story of Kim Jisoo, heartbroken as her boyfriend seem to lose interest in her as time goes by. Flashes of happy memories fly by as she reminisces the good times they used to have.

TabloMithra and DJ Tukutz appear in the music video as well, walking through a dark tunnel, and eventually, passionately playing the piano as they sing and rap.

Despite the heartbreak, Kim Jisoo is seen in a new budding relationship, laughing happily as she walks through the streets with her new beau.