Epik High’s Tablo lists his essentials for when he’s on tour

Tablo of Epik High shares with online music magazine Hypetrak his essentials for when he’s on the road.

Tablo revealed eleven items that are important to him while he is traveling and on tour.

The first item is a pair of Nike Air Max 90 ATMOS Duck Camos, and Tablo states that, “I always travel in comfortable running shoes. Though I never run. From anything or anyone.”

A killer whale plush added in the photo aroused curiosity, but Tablo mentions that, “My daughter Haru is a marine life fan. She lends me one of her stuffed animals every time I leave the house. For good luck, she says.” There are also polaroid photos of Haru, and as a thoughtful daughter, “[Haru] actually asked me to take these pics of her to take with me on the road. Told me to look at them whenever I feel sad.

Not only does Haru’s plush and polaroids give Tablo strength, Tablo travels with a memento of his father. Tablo shares, “It was my father’s watch. Feel like he’s still here when I wear it. I’ll never need another Rolex; this one is irreplaceable.

A heads up for fans, Tablo carries around a copy of Epik High’s SHOEBOX album. Tablo claims that, “I don’t have (need) a business card, so I carry around our latest album. Comes in handy when I meet a fan who wants an autograph.”

Other essentials includes Cham-ggae instant ramen, Bacchus-F energy drink, playing cards, an iPad, a notebook, and a Bottega Veneta wallet.

Meanwhile, Epik High will begin their 2015 North American Tour on May 28th in San Francisco.

Source: Hypetrak