Eric Nam and American artist KOLAJ release tropical house track “Into You”

After much anticipation, solo singer Eric Nam finally released his new song “Into You,” a tropical house song created in collaboration with prestigious electronic artist KOLAJ.

With Eric Nam’s signature smooth vocals combined with popular musical duo’s fresh sound, fans of both artists will definitely be pleased and surprised by how well they complement each other. Possessing a catchy and unique sound, “Into You” is the perfect anthem for summer love.

In a email to music website The Fader, KOLAJ discussed their collaboration with the singer, explaining, “We first got inspired by the tone of Eric’s voice, it’s breathy but cool in the verse so we wanted to playfully complement each other in a way that felt like we were incomplete without each other. We only got together for one day and basically turned out the entire song. We were big believers in the song even if it was outside of all of our comfort zones we still wanted to share with the world. K-Pop and Tropical could sound sweet together… perhaps we invented ‘K-Trop.’

Check out the song below:
KOLAJ X Eric Nam – Into You by KOLAJ

Source: The Fader