Eric Nam releases album cover for “Okay, Okay” comeback

Shortly after making the announcement earlier in the week that the singer would be making a comeback in March, Eric Nam‘s agency B2M Entertainment released the album cover art for his upcoming release. The upcoming release, which is titled Okay, Okay, will be the singer’s second digital single. The cover image features the singer depicted as a stone statue. While there are roses growing on his head, his stone body is seemingly crumbling into the wind.

The album cover reveals a hint of artistry as it definitely fits with the romantic theme that was conveyed in the previously released teaser image for his comeback.

Meanwhhile, the singer had previously scheduled a U.S. tour for late February and early March, but due to weather concerns, the tour was postponed.

Eric Nam’s second digital single Okay Okay will be released on March 5th at 12:00PM KST. Make sure to check out the beautiful album cover below!