Eric Nam talks about auditioning for SM and rejecting offer from JYP with “bnt International”

Eric Nam sat down with bnt International and was able to share more about his personal style as well as his early music career.

Q: Your pictorial shoot poses look extremely natural. It seems like you have a lot of experience.

In the past two years, I think had around four pictorial shoots. Maybe it’s because of my prior experience, I was able to channel a more comfortable vibe.

Q: How was the shoot today?

It was delightful. I’m actually the type to like pictorial shoots. I like it because I am able to show other faces, and try hairstyles and makeup looks that I would not normally wear.

Q: We heard that you’re normally very well dressed.

Thank you (laughing). The style you see me wear on set is usually dependent entirely on the stylist. But I dress myself when I’m going to the airport, or even my daily life. I prefer a comfortable and simple style.

Q: Looking up close, your skin looks great.

Honestly, if I have free time, I go to the dermatologist. I don’t have any special routine at home, except for being more thorough with washing my face. Depending on the weather, I moisturize with coconut oil before I sleep if my skin is dry. When you wake up the next morning, you skin will be well-hydrated. There also seems to be no problem areas appearing.

Q: After meeting you in person, I can see why you have the nickname, “Sweet guy.” Tell me how you feel about the name.

I am really grateful (laughing). I think because I grew up in the States, I have different mannerisms ingrained in me, so people in Korea see me as someone with great manners. But sometimes, it just seems like I am really lucky.

Q: It’s said that you have a lot of girl fans due to your nice manners and smiling-eyes charm.

I don’t know if I have smiling-eyes. I feel that I don’t have charm when I brightly smile, but it makes me happy to hear that people do like my smile.

Q: Though you have been participating in a variety of activities, your profession is a singer. What opportunities did you have to achieve your dream?

I thought a lot about becoming a singer. However, I never thought I would ever be able to have this dream. First off, it’s hard to find any Asian artists, and secondly, Korea felt very distant to me even though I am Korean.

There was an SM audition near my church when I was in elementary school, so my friends and I auditioned for fun. I remember the representatives saying that I sang well, so they asked me to dance. I was dismissed, because I wasn’t able to dance. At the time, I didn’t really know the concept of idol singers.

Even after the audition, I felt that becoming a singer was a farfetched dream. However, I enjoyed singing and having other people hear my song. I uploaded videos on YouTube and received positive feedback.

The ironic part is that JYP watched the video and contacted me, but I rejected it. I rejected the offer because I was worried, but I also wanted to experience school to the fullest.

Q: A message you want to leave for your fans.

I want them to know that I am always grateful. I am hoping and planning to have a concert. The exact date is up in the air, but I want to have an intimate moment with my fans.

Eric Nam bnt international
Photo: BNT News.
Eric Nam bnt international
Photo: BNT News.
Eric Nam bnt international
Photo: BNT News.
Eric Nam bnt international
Photo: BNT News.

Source: BNT News