Eric Nam teases fans with “I’m OK” English lyrics

With just a little over a day left until the release of his upcoming single “I’m OK (Okay, Okay),” Eric Nam has asked for fans their thoughts on the English lyrics he wrote for the track.

Posted on March 3rd, he writes, “Here’s a taste of lyrics for the English version of I’m OK’ Let me know what you think of the lyrics!” sharing a short 48-second video.

Singing with pure passion, the emotional lyrics come to life as he sings to the English lyrics of the songs he has written. Fans reacted positively to the English version of the upcoming single, writing things like “Even if you use cuneiform (one of the earlier known systems of writing) as lyrics I’d buy it,” ” I love the English lyrics they sound amazing can’t wait to hear the song,” “Are you going to release the English version? Because that would be splendid,” and more. 

Eric Nam’s upcoming single “I’m OK” will be published on March 5th, and a video teaser has already been released ahead of its release.