Eric of Shinhwa discusses his plans for marriage

In a recent airing of MBC‘s Section TV, the members of Shinhwa took part of an interview in which Eric revealed he wants to be the first to be married among them.

Broadcasted on February 22nd, the topic of marriage was brought up, with Eric stating, “I wonder if any of us will ever end up getting married because we do activities each year. Among all the members, I want to be the first to get married.” 

The singer-actor added jokingly, “For sure this year, none of us are getting married because we worked so hard on our 12th album.”

Shinhwa is preparing to release their 12th studio album, scheduled for February 26th, as they celebrate their 17th debut anniversary together with fans along with a concert. The legendary male group made their debut in 1998 and continues to be one of the most looked up first generation idols among current groups as they have made it 17 years together without conflict or changing lineups.

Source: OSEN