Eru teams up with Lucky J’s J-Yo for 10th anniversary single and MV, “Garosu-gil”

Eru has released the second single to his 10th debut anniversary project on February 26th, teaming up with Lucky J‘s J-Yo as they croon to the track “Garosu-gil.”

Written and composed by FamousBro and Paul, “Garosul-gil” begins with a warm piano and string melody with Eru starting off the track with calming emotions. The second half of the track introduces a more emotional tone and added beat as J-Yo gives a more sensual version of the song. While expressing their longing in the track their own way, their feelings and emotions are similar and cannot be ignored.

The talented singer-songwriter Eru released the first track of his 10th debut anniversary project in January titled “Sad Springs.”

Check out the music video for “Garosu-gil” below!