Eunhyuk proves he is no longer a ‘brand-name addict’ on “The Human Condition”

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk proves his determination to be rid of his reputation as a ‘brand-name addict’ by showing the full potential of 3,000 won clothing!

Eunhyuk made guest appearance on the November 22nd broadcast of KBS‘s The Human Condition, where he visited the household in which the female cast of The Human Condition had gathered.

Eunhyuk was met with the humorous accusation by Kim Shin Young that “whenever I see Eunhyuk,he is always sporting branded clothing products”, coming to the conclusion that “I know him quite well, and I can say that he really is addicted to brand names.

The slightly taken-aback expression on his face was clearly not enough to serve as defense against this light-hearted ‘accusation’, as he went on to declare, “I am no longer like that. That was back when I was immature.” However, the rest of the cast, including fellow Super Junior member Ryeowook who was also featuring as a guest, did not accept this statement, responding with disbelief.

The saving moment for Eunhyuk came when he accepted Kim Shin Young’s offer to try and redeem himself with at Dongmyo, where he managed to fish himself a jacket, hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans that could even compete against  SHINee’s for 1000 won each. By showing up with an outfit with an approximate US price of 3 dollars, Eunhyuk was able to finally shake off the hilarious reputation of ‘brand-name addict’ that he sported only a few minutes ago.

Source: Newsen