Eunji completes Apink’s promise selca puzzle

Apink‘s final piece of the puzzle is complete! With Eunji‘s tweet regarding the promise selcas that the other five members posted, Pink Pandas can now breathe a sigh of relief that it is finished.

The other five members of Apink posted a selfie of their own through the week, asking for a promise from fans.* Eunji was the last member to do so.

The caption under Eunji’s tweet is the same as the other five members, “Everyone! Let’s make a promise! What promise do you want to make with me?”

The reason for these six tweets is unknown. It seems that they are reaching out to their fans through social media. There has been no official announcement about the reason for this, but it may have just been for fun.

Apink will comeback in May with their appearance at the Korea Music Festival in Los Angeles and with their Japanese version of “LUV.


Who do you want to make your promise to?