EXID LE’s image teaser for “AH YEAH” finally released

Just when we were beginning to think that Yedang Entertainment forgot about LE, the image teaser to one of Korea’s fiercest female rappers was finally published.

With beautiful curled brown hair swept to her right side, LE gives off a wonderful feeling of fierceness and calmness all at the same time with her eyes closed as if looking down.

The music video teaser to the girl group’s track “AH YEAH” was already previously released, though many fans have noted at the time that LE was not included in it, most likely because her concept photo was not released prior to that, while the members photos have.

Nevertheless, we can expect her to appear in the full music video, which is most likely set to drop along with EXID’s 2nd mini-album on April 13th at noon KST.