[★VIDEO] EXID takes 2nd trophy on Mnet M! Countdown for “Up & Down”

On January 15th, rising girl group EXID was awarded their 2nd M! Countdown trophy for their track “Up & Down,” to which the members celebrated with a cheery chant and an encore dance of their song. 

Singing a lively cheer as they repeated “congratulations,” Solji begins their thank you speech by saying, M! Countdown is a another music show that we are looking to gain a triple crown.”

LE continues, “Our first #1 win on M! Countdown was just the beginning.” Junghwa adds, “We hope that you stay with us for a long long time.” 

Member Hani expressed her deep thanks as well with, “I would also like to take a minute to personally give my thanks.”

The group continues, “We have never had a proper fan meeting before. If we get a triple crown on M! Countdown, we will meet our fans properly through a fan meeting. We are also interested in holding a concert. We want to make this a reality. We hope we can meet you all the way. EXID loves our fans!”

Congratulations to EXID for their 2nd M! Countdown win, and their overall 5th win for “Up & Down”!