EXID unveils making of clip for “Prinkle” photo shoot

Recently selected to be the promotional models for health drink company Prinkle, EXID takes you behind the scenes for their brand new, sexy photo shoot.

Prinkle, a Korean health drink company, chose EXID as their promotional models!

On October 22nd, exclusive footage from the photo shoot featuring Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin and Junghwa was released. They were featured in a sexy concept, pretty and professional, while styled in tight mini-dresses, crop top, hot pants and heels, similar from their recent “Up & Down” promotions.

EXID is seen calm and collected throughout the shoot, despite the busy atmosphere behind the cameras. The video shows them trying out different poses, flipping their hair and working hard to adapt to the concept, with the photos coming out beautifully as predicted.

Check out the behind the scenes video, below.