EXID’s Hani confesses she wants to follow a new career path after her contract ends

In a recent broadcast of Moon Hee Jun‘s Real 15 via Mnet, EXID‘s Hani and Solji made an appearance as a guest where Hani confessed she wants to follow a new career path.

On the show, Moon Hee Jun questioned Hani on whether she will continue her career as a singer and idol, to which she replied that she will continue being an artist until her current contract ends. Hani’s answer shocked not only the audience but fellow member Solji as well who seemed unaware of it.

Hani continues to reveal that she wants to follow a different career path after her idol days are done, specifically psychotherapy, an area that she is interested in pursuing and studying. But with the topic brought up, Hani began to shed tears as she explained the hard life that comes with being an idol.

Training to be an idol since she was 18 years old, Hani shared that she has had to compete against her friends, an experience that Moon Hee Jun is familiar with as he was part of one of the most popular 1st generation idol group, H.O.T.

To this, one understanding netizen wrote, “Its not the mental, physical hardships that idols go through.. what is it… it’s the fact that you always have to carry the scarlet letter (burden) at all times and the endless objectivity of a human being, and at sometimes humiliating and hurting comments. So basically Jjirasi (refers to unconfirmed insider information circulating around Korea) is the scarlet letter that pressures Hani. With many unconfirmed rumors circulating, it must be hard for Hani to try and please the public.”

Source: Bada TV