EXID’s Hani reveals her previous struggles on “Happy Together”

On January 29th, EXID‘s Hani revealed her hardships with gaining weight, having no income, and eating ramen for a month on KBS 2TV‘s Happy Together 3.

The singer revealed that “When we weren’t very active, I gained 23 pounds and I had to lose it all.” She mentioned that she did not have an income and “felt bad about getting allowance from my parents so I had only ramen for a month.” Because of her small dorm room, she ate and rested on her bed. “It was just eat, lie down, and sleep everyday,” she said.

As a solution, she tried to work additional jobs from her home and tried gluing eyes on stuffed animals, “but it paid so little so I just decided to eat less,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hani also revealed that she was previously a JYP Entertainment trainee and was supposed to be a team with Hyorin, Jieun and Uji.

Source: Digital Times