EXID’s Solji returns to the Instagram world with new account

EXID‘s Solji has finally given in and created her own, personal Instagram account, joining members Hani, LE, Junghwa, and Hyerin!

On April 2nd, the account was confirmed as she made her first post on the social media website, which was later posted on EXID’s official Twitter account just minutes later. She writes, “Thank you to all the many people who have given support #InstaStart Here’s an original photo!!”

Solji seemed to have had a previous Instagram account in early 2014, but has since been deleted. It seems that in light of the group’s comeback, it only seemed natural to return to the popular social media with a new account. Under a similar name as her previous account, albeit with the addition of a period, fans can now follow the talented singer under the name soul.g_heo.

Welcome back Solji!