How did EXO get member Sehun so upset?

EXO is in a middle of a bit of discord after almost missing Sehun’s greeting on his birthday. 

A striking confession was made by the member in a recent appearance for a streaming site, Sehun confessed that he was upset by his fellow members actions on his birthday.

He started to jokingly tell fans that some of them are misinformed that all EXO members are all close and shared that, “On my birthday, 11 minutes past midnight, nobody greeted me.” Expecting to have received at least a message as the clock ticked twelve, he disclosed his upset by saying that no one has wished him a happy birthday for at least eleven minutes.

Despite the hurtful confession, fans cannot be help but be sad and consoled the singer for the members’ misdeeds, while others were entertained for his cute confession.
Image: SportsSeoul / Instiz

Source: Instiz