EXO gets ready for the cold with Kolon Sport in BTS images

Kolon Sport released behind the scenes images from their upcoming CF for their winter coat collection, which features idol group EXO.

With the cold weather hitting the streets, EXO gears up for the chilly winter with their coats from Kolon Sport. The large coats, with varying bright colors, keep the boys warm to the extent that they had to remove them in between cuts to prevent from heating up. The members of EXO pull on their snow boots to get ready to film their upcoming Kolon Sport CF to give the commercial the full effect.

Working hard on set and behind the cameras, the boys take time to review their improvements and weak points while filming the CF. However, it’s never a day of productivity without having a small amount of fun. EXO takes a small break to take photos of each other while posing in their new winter jackets.

In addition to sponsoring Kolon Sport, EXO-K recently also took part in an endorsement for Baskin Robbins’ ice cream cakes, each member having his own individual cake.