EXO-Ls and VIPs unite after individual burns Taeyang’s picture

Recently, hip-hop dancer and YG Entertainment choreographer japollonia reposted a video to her Instagram that showed an individual burning a picture of BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.

The original video was posted on Instagram by oh__yehet. The video shows the words “Die bigbang!” while EXO’s debut song “MAMA” is playing in the background. The individual records using a lighter to set a picture of BIGBANG’s Taeyang on fire in a sink.

The video was then reposted by japollonia, with the caption, “It’s an insult not only for me but the whole yg Entertainment !! ..???????? People are soooooooo fucking crazy ???? i don’t know why they hate big bang? I respect Exo, so please stop this shit people Exo & bigbang are one ✔.”

Netizens who commented on the original video post by oh__yehet expressed their anger that someone would post something like this online. These comments included, “Not only you are offending BIGBANG and all the VIP’s you are also disappointing the EXO members and all the rest of EXOL, how do you think EXO will react to such a thing? (fankpopfan)” and “You just can’t take in the fact that Big Bang is better than Exo. I’m an Exo fan myself so yes I compared them. And honestly you just made the whole Exo fandom look bad (fairly_odd_moon).”

Netizens who commented on the repost by japollonia mainly fought against generalizations about EXO-Ls as a fandom. Comments included, “Whoever do this, he/she is not exo-l. It makes me so ashamed to be exo-l (krystalfx2410),” “Don’t drag all exo-ls with this (sipterid.lowl),” and “Don’t let just that one person represent our Fandom. Every Fandom has a group of good and bad fans (nicole_exo),” among others.

Source: japollonia and oh__yehet

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