EXO-Ls freak out after girl is accused of reaching hand down Lay’s pants

A recent photo from EXO’s concert stop in Bangkok has gone viral after EXO-Ls accused a fan of inappropriately reaching her hand down Lay’s pants.

The photo accumulated a variety of harsh comments against the girl:

Now what if he took it out and smacked you with it, maybe then you’ll learn

What did you feel? was it big?

How big was it?

Were you satisfied?

What the f*ck is wrong with you sasaengs can’t control themselves

This is why no one respects EXO-Ls seriously

There’s a line, and you crossed it, I cannot believe people like you exist, do you know how he must’ve felt? You’re a disgusting person and this is why people don’t like EXO-Ls…. But seriously though how big was it?

You shoulda put your hands in there with you cell phone and the flash on to take a picture

The length a Sasaeng will go is amazing.

However, it was later revealed that due to the angle and lighting, many of the commenting EXO-Ls had misinterpreted the photo. In fact, the fan was holding onto the metal barrier between Lay and the rest of the audience.

Take a look at the photo here: