[★VIDEO] EXO-Ls playfully tease Sehun for his “unbelievable magic trick”

After showing off his “unbelievable magic trick” in a video posted on Weibo, EXO’s Sehun has been playfully called out by EXO-Ls for the act.

In the video posted on July 2nd, Sehun can be seen seemingly putting back together a torn-up piece of paper, as seen in the clip below.

While the act seemed impressive at first glance, fans were quick to realize that Sehun had simply utilize a function to play the video backwards – meaning he was only tearing up a piece of paper, rather than putting it back together.

Upon recognizing this, fans left playful comments as follows:

1. [+897] Hun-ah, you think we wouldn’t recognize that the video is being played backwards? Dream.

2. [+639] I can’t tell that you’re playing this video backwards.

3. [+565] Slow motion rewind.

4. [+468] Obviously time is being turned back.

5. [+472] You think we wouldn’t be able to see that the order is flipped?!!!!