[★TRENDING] EXO members look like squids when standing next to this SM trainee?

Recently, a post on Pann, titled SM Rookie that make EXO members look like squids” has been going viral amongst Korean online users.

EXO members are famous for their handsome faces and manly physiques. Being on top of the list for the best-looking boy groups in K-pop, it seems impossible to think that EXO members might look ugly standing next to anyone. But, some fans suggest that EXO members may look like squids standing next to SM Rookies trainee, Taeyong.

Here are the pictures, GIFs and captions from the blog post originally titled “SM Rookie that make EXO members look like squids”.


This is SM Rookies Taeyong

Nothing is needed but his visual is definitely agreeable









However netizens seemed to disagree with the sentiments of the post with these top comments:

[ +222 / -30 ] What did our Chanyeol eat to grow up to be so beautiful

[ +181 / -23] I’m in a hurry to find a squid that looks like Park Chanyeol. Wow, where is a perfect squid like this who is tall, handsome, has a good voice and even have a good personality. Gogo.

[ +148 / -13] If that is a squid, I am a halibut..?

Source: Nate