EXO’s Chanyeol attacked by anti-fans for alleged rude Instagram post

In addition to the recent controversy regarding a trainee and EXO‘s Sehun, fellow EXO member Chanyeol has found himself in the middle of a controversy as well.

On June 7th, Chanyeol uploaded an image to his official Instagram account that showed EXO’s songs doing well on the charts. He captioned the photo, “The chart is al~~~most 낮져밤이급🙂 (translation: stronger in the night than in the day).”

In the photo, EXO’s songs can be seen holding places 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. The number 4 spot was held by BIGBANG. Chanyeol’s post has now achieved over 538,000 likes at the time of writing.

차트 거~~~~~의 낮져밤이급????

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Because Chanyeol uploaded the chart as it appeared online, his Instagram was attacked by certain VIPs (BIGBANG’s fandom). The reason behind this attack was that Chanyeol did not edit out BIGBANG from the chart when VIPs thought that he should be respectful to his seniors and not show EXO charting higher than BIGBANG. This same kind of thing happened in the past to miss A’s Suzy.

Following up on his post, Chanyeol commented on the photo, “I did not upload this to make [you guys] feel sorry…I uploaded it because I was happy to see the songs high on the chart at midnight!! This is an amazing accomplishment, don’t frown, let’s enjoy it!! :)”

However, it was also noted that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon made the same kind of post on his official Instagram as well. However, in G-Dragon’s post, only the top four spots on the chart are seen and they are all held by BIGBANG. In this case, there was no way for G-Dragon to edit his post because there was nothing to edit out. He captioned his photo with, “Omo Omo Goodnight (hearts).”

어머어머 굿밤 ????

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Chanyeol’s Instagram has now become littered with comments both attacking and defending the artist. Meanwhile, netizens have begun to defend Chanyeol on G-Dragon’s post, saying that G-Dragon only had to crop the photo and not edit it, while Chanyeol would have had to edit BIGBANG’s song out of the chart altogether.

On the other hand, if Chanyeol had edited out BIGBANG’s song or used a blur effect, netizens may have also attacked the idol for being “rude” to his seniors by editing their song off of the chart. Should an artist who posts a real-time chart to their Instagram be subjected to attacks from other artists’ fans?

Koreaboo has translated some of the comments left on the re-uploaded Pann article, which can be seen below:

[+174, – 145] So empty headed Chanyeol

[+ 153, – 11] How is his comment an apology to VIPs it’s towards EXO-Ls.

[+ 136, – 61] Suzy deleted it because she got cussed out. If he felt sorry he would have deleted it too.

Source: Pann, Chanyeol’s Instagram, and G-Dragon’s Instagram