EXO’s Chanyeol Is Fed Up With Fans Accusing Him Of “Lovestagram” With Taeyeon

EXO’s Chanyeol is not one to complain, but when sasaeng fans flood his personal SNS accounts and accuse him of owning a “lovestagram,” he sends out a warning instead. 

In the early hours of June 16th, Chanyeol initially shared a quick update of him in his recording studio. However, as the comments flooded his page, it was found out that the artist left a long comment on his recent post.

It was found out that fans allegedly flooded his Instagram account and accused him responsible for a number of speculations linking him to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. As the comments became consistently present on his recent post, the artist cannot help but clarify the speculations and warned his followers towards their malicious claims.

In a long comment, Chanyeol shared his views about a “lovestagram,” and questioned his fans on their intentions. He also clarified reports about linking him to Taeyeon and revealed that he only followed her after accidentally liking one of her vides to which his voice can be heard. However, as he was continuously harrassed for following the female singer, he eventually unfollowed her and other celebrities too. On point, Chanyeol denied all speculations that allegedly confirmed fans’ suspicions of his relationship and stated that he did not go to Seoul Jazz Festival with her nor does he have a private Instagram.

He went on to advise his followers to stop confusing his fellow fans and just continue working hard without any malicious intent as he is only using the platform to happily with his fans and friends.

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