EXO’s D.O. accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures

Netizens are split in their opinion on whether EXO’s D.O. received plastic surgery or not.

Although plastic surgery may be a common procedure for many artists in Korea, netizens sometimes are split in their opinion on certain artists. Cosmetic enhancement procedures done on celebrities have become more acceptable by Korean fans and netizens. However, because there are idols that can’t be sure of, many netizens discuss certain idols.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss whether or not EXO member D.O. received plastic surgery.

Titled “Evidence of D.O.’s Plastic Surgery (Chin Botox + Double Eyelid + Nose Surgery),” here is the direct translation of the post and netizen discussion below.

“Chin botox”


“This is a combined GIF of D.O.’s face when he made his debut and couple years later. The biggest changes are that his V-shaped face turned into a square shaped face”


“He had a V-shaped face when he received cosmetic procedures before making his debut”

“But because he didn’t get his timely botox shots, his face turned back to square-shape”

D.O. square

“You have to receive botox every couple months but because D.O, made his debut as an actor and gave up on his idol looks, it seems that he quit his botox procedures. He turned back to his original square-shaped face”


“If you see his past photos, you can tell that he always had a square face”

“Now for his double eyelid + nose surgery”

“Here are his before photos”


“He didn’t have double eyelids before his debut”


“This is also a past photo of him but he didn’t have double eyelids and his nose was round and spread left and right”


“Another photo of his single-eyelids and his flatter nose that is spread left and right”

“This is after his procedures”


“After debuting in SM Entertainment, his nose bridge is different. He received lifting his nose bridge up between his eyes”


“If you take a close look at his double eyelids, you can see that ‘mae mol’ procedure was done to make a double eye-lid”


[+250, -14] Stop bs’ing hahahahahahahaha Is his nose that pretty to be suspected of plastic surgery? hahahahahahaha


—-> [+4, -2] I admit that Kyungsoo didn’t get a procedure. But if you get your own fat implanted on your nose, you can do that to your nose. My sister who did it can do that.. ha

[+227, -12] I think this person constantly posts something insulting D.O. but please stop hahaha Wow I didn’t expect a day would come suspecting D.O. of plastic surgery


[+89, -1] Do Kyungsoo to get suspected of plastic surgery..? I’m amazed


Source: Pann and DispatchComments: Pann