EXO’s D.O releases MV for “Cart” OST “Crying Out”

EXO‘s D.O uses his sweet, soulful voice to sing a song for the OST of his upcoming movie Cart. This is D.O’s first song for an OST, and it’s for none other than his first movie! 

The music video for the OST, “Crying Out”, was released on November 4th. Echoing the title of the track, the song begins with D.O singing softly with the accompaniment of simple piano chords, before slowly crescendoing in both complexity and passion and then ending on a lingering chord. D.O’s warm voice is filled with emotion as he sings to encourage people who live exhausting lives to keep holding onto hope, aptly matching the sentimental scenes shown in the video.

Touching scenes from Cart, documenting the harsh lives of the supermarket workers, weave between shots of D.O recording the song in the studio, creating moving music video fitting of the stirring song.

Cart, D.O’s debut film, documents the lives of workers from a large discount store as they gather and protest after being unlawfully fired from their jobs. D.O, who worked with top actresses Yoom Jungah, Moon Jeonghee and Kim Youngae in the film, has been complimented on his acting and positive attitude. He portrays Taeyoung, a rebellious youth ashamed of his poor family background with his mother (played by Yoom Jungah).

While Cart made its worldwide premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, it will finally be making its way to theaters in Korea on November 13th.

Check out the song below!