EXO’s Kai teases fans from Barcelona, Spain

Soon after teasing fans with various handsome photos of himself for EXO‘s upcoming comeback album, Kai continues to tease with a short clip of himself from Barcelona, Spain.

On March 19th, Kai uploaded a short video clip on his newly retained Instagram account walking briskly from the camera after giving a fiery look at it, only to return with an adorable smile as he gives off a cute laugh. With the post, he writes, “Here I Am. BARCELONA 10:10,” which no doubt are additional hints that surrounds EXO’s comeback.

EXO’s hightly anticipated comeback with the title track “Call Me Baby” is slowly nearing and it seems that teasers for it has finally begun to be release.

A special Twitter account, under the name PathcodeEXO, was also opened to further give fans hints behind the mysterious veil of their return, with the first hint given as, “The first hint is ‘the number of marbles that passed the maze.” This hint may no doubt refer back to the first teaser given on December 2014.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for more information and teasers regarding to EXO’s comeback!